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  1. Great site. Love the Gallery and your Girls and Boys. Once you have a Border you are hooked forever !!

  2. this is noel and wyatt hind we have tully which we purchased off you she is now 4 and a half. we also got moo from you when she passed she was 15 and a half they both have been beautiful dogs. thank you very much. actually they weren’t dogs they were our kids.

  3. Got our girl blue Merle pup from Wendy last week and couldn’t be happier!!! Patti has settled in wonderfully, we all can’t wait to see her grow up into a beautiful dog!!!

  4. Two weeks ago we picked up Rosie the Blue Merle’s Australian shepherd! Rosie has settled in comfortably and has such a loving nature! Can’t thank Wendy enough throughout the process! We look forward to growing our little family ❤️ highly recommend Sanpasho

  5. We recently picked up our girl Luka thank you Wendy for breeding such lovely tempered sweet natured loving puppies. We adore her and feel blessed having the opportunity to welcome her into our family.
    What an amazing breed . Thank you

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